Desktop as a Service

There are incredible benefits to making the switch from physical to virtual desktops. We will help you take advantage of these benefits by selecting the best DaaS provider for your company’s unique environment.

Check out five of the top benefits below:

Financial benefits – Any company that has updated Windows over the years knows what an undertaking this can be. The latest versions of Windows usually come with a need for major upgrades in hardware. Making the switch to DaaS can often result in major savings of capital expenditures. We will help you eliminate PC hardware costs from your financial ledger. When we go over potential expenses of cloud-based subscription services, we are confident the cost-savings will be very appealing. 

Quicker, simpler deployment for all types of cases –  Most organizations start to consider this option to increase the flexibility and agility of their business. When a company brings in a freelancer or a temp, DaaS provides a way to share desktop rights and resources in less than a day.

Help for widespread mobilityAll employees want easy access to important company applications through their familiar consumer devices. DaaS helps makes this possible in a way that protects and secures sensitive information. As more and more businesses start to move towards a remote work environment, DaaS provides a great solution for workers all over the country and all around the globe.

Security – Identity theft and other threats are ever on the minds of IT departments. We specialize in helping provide support to companies with their intrusion prevention methods. DaaS is a great option because security breaches often occur at the edge of the network. Because DaaS resides in the cloud, a lot of common security breaches and worries are eradicated.

Give Your IT Team Some Relief –VDI deployment requires a lot more internal support than DaaS does. Because of this, the support requirements call for less staff and less additional costs to ensure everything is running properly.

Please give our experts a call so they can explain what the switch to DaaS could do for your business.

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