Backup As A Service

(BaaS) Made Easy

You want to know that your clients’ data is completely protected. If you have any doubts whatsoever, it is times to make the switch to back up as a service.

Commonly referred to as BaaS, backup as a service is a way to backup data that includes the purchase of recovery services from a reputable online data backup provider. BaaS allows your company to connect to systems on the cloud that are managed by an outside provider. This provides a new level of security that is needed today. 

How Does BaaS work?

When remote management service and infrastructure resources combine, you get BaaS. BaaS has provided a financially responsible and effective way to backup all pertinent information and recover it quickly. The secured connection used to transfer an organization’s data to the cloud instantaneously creates backups and provides a secure location for recovery in the event of a disaster.

The Many Benefits of BaaS:

  • The biggest benefit to utilizing BaaS is companies do not have to spend the money on the purchase of clunky hardware that they then need to store at their facility.
  • Backup as a service ensures that a business can scale up or scale down based on their needs. There has no need to worry of paying for a service that you are not fully utilizing.
  • Cloud backup speeds up recovery times. Instead of digging out for an extended period, BaaS can ensure a business experiences minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.
  • Backup as a service comes with a 24/7 external support team whose entire job is getting your data back up and running. They are experts that can be trusted and called upon at any time.

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