Cloud Phone Systems

Changing the way you think about cloud phones

A lot of companies do not fully understand how cloud solutions can help them with all their IT applications, including phone systems. We believe cloud phones provide a plethora of benefits when compared to outdated, traditional phone systems. It is our goal to empower your business by utilizing a cloud phone system that will improve call quality, enhance flexibility, offer greater affordability and so much more.

Let us Find The Cloud Phone System That Fits Your Needs

As the trusted advisor on your side, we will determine the cloud phone that fits your needs by examining your current communication platform and look at the needs of your organization. Our objective insights will help you find the cloud phone system that you can utilize for years and years to come.

With Select-UC, you have an expert joining your team who will provide an objective look into your business communication requirements. They will not only be able to show you what you need today, but they will provide guidance on what your business is likely to need in the future. When you work with Select-UC you gain access to our longest-standing partnerships with the top cloud phone providers in the industry. We always promise the lowest prices possible, and you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract.

Cloud PBX Can Move Your Business Forward

Cloud communications can benefit businesses of any size. Our team will get to know whether you need to upgrade an old PBX or how you can better consolidate into a communication solution that benefits your internal staff and your global client base. Our promise is that we will find the cloud phones that offer the best solution for your company’s needs.

  • Call Organization and Phone System Admin
  • Limitless Conferencing, Internet, fax, and Business SMS
  • Phone Rentals Available
  • All Calls Are Recorded
  • Apps Available for All Smartphone Users
  • HD Video Conferencing to Enhance Your Professionalism
  • Full Call Reports
  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant
  • Limitless Calling
  • Meetings Available on Mobile Devices as Well as Desktop

  • Meetings Available on Mobile Devices as Well as Desktop
  • Caller ID
  • Seamless Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook and More
  • Clear Picture Quality
  • HD Voice
  • Text Capabilities
  • Multipoint Mobile and Desktop HD Video Conferencing
  • HD Voice
  • Voicemail-to-Text

Select-UC provides users the options of every VOIP cloud-based provider in the Gartner magic quadrant. This means that we can accommodate any special requirements your business may have. Our experts have been selling VoIP solutions for a long time. They are ready to provide solutions for everything from basic phone calls to international conference calls. We encourage you to reach out for a free consultation. Our team will get to know your needs and provide the best cloud-based solution for your business.

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