Business Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 & Google Suite

A lot of companies are unsure if they have the business productivity suite that is right for their needs. Most companies have either Microsoft or Google, but they are left wondering if there are better alternatives on the market. With so many tools to choose from, it can become somewhat overwhelming.

When it comes to Office and Google, the functionality of both is rather similar. File storage, word processing and spreadsheets are featured with both. However, Google’s G Suite is completely cloud based whereas Office has both cloud and desktop deployments.

It is our goal to have our experts show you the pros and cons of all the top business productivity suites. We will be able to show you if the grass is indeed greener on the other side. We have no allegiance to any product. Our experts will provide a fair breakdown based on your specific needs.

Our team understands that features are nice, but they come with a price. It is also pivotal that the platform can easily be rolled out across different businesses, territories, departments and more.

We usually steer companies of a smaller size, with less of an established infrastructure, to a cloud-based office suite. Large businesses, however, may find the switch to cloud-based much more difficult.

Office is often the easier transition as more people on a staff are likely to be familiar with their products. However, Google is constantly improving their training materials to ensure every member of a business can quickly get up to speed.

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