Conferencing Tips

Security is one of the most important aspects of business communication. When an employee departs from your company, it is imperative that your business can secure all conference callas by disabling the conference passcode that the employee utilized for their calls. Another wise idea is to review the call summary report at the conclusion of every call. This will alert you to the fact of anyone attending who should not have been on the call. By enabling the “Name Record” feature in the settings, the call will automatically introduce each member of the call by name when they dial into the conference. A lot of people put their passcode and dial in number in their email signature, this is dangerous and a security risk not worth taking. The most secure thing a call organizer can do is change the passcode and PIN for each individual call.

Be a Considerate Host

It is important for the call organizer to always understand that people dialing in from different parts of the country or different parts of the world will be in different time zones. This must always be considered when scheduling calls. Also, if a call is set to last for a longer duration, it is a great idea to have built in pauses so that people on the line can go and visit the restroom or grab a snack.

Use the Proper Equipment

Some cellular phones will provide annoying feedback on a call. Some headphones will have the caller sound distant during the call. It is important to test all calling equipment before talking to a potential or current client.

Always Prepare

The earlier you can plan a call, the more likely all necessary parties will be able to block out that time in their schedules. Take the time to notice different time zones and note any recurring scheduling conflicts.

Notify the Participants

Not only is the time, date, and duration of the call important. It is also important to notify all guests of who will be on the call, the agenda for the call and the intended outcome of the call. All the contact information should be included in the calendar invite and everyone should know what to expect before hopping on the conference line.

Add a Web Presentation

We make it easy to add a visual component to the call. If you have statistics or images you want to share, be sure to take advantage of our web presentation features.

Eliminate Ambient Noise

Be cognizant of rummaging through papers or having your dog barking in the background. The more you can do to eliminate background noise, the better.

Increase The Number of Attendees

Email Pre-Notification 

It is always great to send an email reminder before the call gets started.

Dial-Out Participants 

With international attendees, sometimes you will need to dial out to them to help them join the conference. It is easy to do and will help ensure everyone who is supposed to be on the conference is on the conference.

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