National Western Stock Show

For the NWSS, conferencing solutions that were a “minor requirement”  became year-round necessities.

The National Western Stock Show is a year-round entertainment arena that hosts 315 of the world’s largest rodeo, livestock, and trade show events. According to Steve Polson, the NWSS’ Director of IT and Telecommunications, rapid growth caused the organization’s communication requirements to explode over just a couple of years. Conferencing solutions that were once a “minor requirement” during peak months between November and January became year-round necessities in order for people at all levels of the NWSS to keep in contact with partners and vendors nationwide. Polson was looking for a conferencing vendor that could help keep long-distance rates down without sacrificing quality of service when he found Select. Actually, Select found him.

The Results

Reduced conferencing fees

Decreased wait times through conference bridges

Easy-click meeting setup via email

Live customer service assistance

Increased billing transparency

On the Podcast

Steve Polson

Steve Polson has been the Director of IT and Telecommunications at the National Western Stock Show since 2007. Steve has over 30 years of experience in spearheading network-wide innovation and long been focused on setting up the most efficient networks in the most cost-effective ways possible, which why he has found working with Select to be so beneficial.

Joy Milkowski

Joy Milkowski worked with Select Communications to discover the experiences of their customers and tell the stories of how conferencing and collaboration solutions are helping their customers grow and communicate better. A “big picture” thinker, Joy is a highly skilled strategist in marketing, business development, channel/affiliates, social and public relations, and community building.